Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Blog/Facebook Dilemma

(posted by Erik)

Before I begin my brief post, please allow me to apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. For those of you still following us, we thank you.

Hang in there with us!
I’m aiming to get one of us posting, once a week.

After not posting for so long, the task of catching everyone up and recapping 2 ½ months seems daunting and impossible.

We’ve been fairly active on Facebook since the acquisition of our Zain USB modem, which has satisfied our immediate gratification need to express ourselves to the world back home. Not everyone uses Facebook, despite my recruitment attempts (get an iPhone too!), so it is absolutely necessary to get the blog up and going again.

I, being the primary technology geek among us (and the entire country, it seems), have found that uploading pictures is much easier on Facebook. Perhaps will enhance their upload interface, someday. (They’re connected to Google, so one has to think SOMETHING is in the works.)

I have made all of our Peace Corps albums public, so everyone should be able to hop over there with their high-speed internet connections and check us out. Polly puts different photos up than I do, so it’s definitely worth it to check on us both.

A blog is a well-crafted journal, whereas Facebook is more of a blip about the moment. We owe our friends and family the courtesy of craftsmanship.

BUT…if you want to know the day-to-day stuff, join Facebook and “friend”us.

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